Designed for Marketers and Sales Professionals.

Double Your Sales,
3x Your Leads.

How we can help you?

At, our mission to help marketers to generate more leads, to help sales personnel close won more sales. Equipped with the vast experience from our team members, we can offer the following services to the small, medium to large enterprise, either via outsourcing or partnership arrangement. 

For Marketers

Sales department wants you to generate 7x sales leads so they can achieve their target. Your team is small and you need helps. We are here to support you to generate more leads. Treat us as your team for lead gen!

For Sales

Your boss asked you when you can hit your target. You desperately need more qualified sales leads, a lot of them so you can have a fruitful year. We understand your challenges.

For Business Owners

Business need more sales. Traditional way of marketing cannot attract the young generation. You need a new plan to sustain and thrive. You need ideas. We present you the options, you choose.

Our Services

Web Design

Online presence. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t got one or you already have one, talk to us and we can show you how to do things differently.

Social media Content

Post to attract. What to post, when to post and how to post. That is our job, not yours. You can leave this to us and you focus on what you do best, run the business.


Virtual Sales and Marketer. Open a shop and deploy a sales 24/7, sounds crazy for your offline brick and mortar business, but definitely doable for your online shop.